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register_graphicAs a professional user of EPIC’s Professional Repellents, along with getting a truly great product, we also give you the support to sell your new service. We provide:

  • Free training and customized materials to promote and sell your newest service.
  • Free training and materials for training your field teams in proper application.
  • A new service for you to offer your clients or an increase in the number of pests you can get rid of.
  • The strongest formula of our Granular Repellents that is only available through professional services.
  • An effective product that is lower in cost per linear foot than other leading brands.
  • A genuinely green, GRAS product that we guarantee to work allowing you to support your guarantee.
  • A way to protect your customer’s valuable plants and grounds while increasing revenue for you.

Click here to complete the form to request approval to become an EPIC Professional Repellent service provider.

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